Nicole Lapin
10 Things (I Think) I’ve Learned

1. Check email on the weekends once per day.

2. Check out all together once per month.

3. Those that judge don’t matter, and those that matter don’t judge.

4. Your parents’ sins, names or money are not yours.  

5. Don’t lie about skeletons.

6. Don’t wear them on your sleeve, either.

7. You’ll do your best writing with a broken heart.

8. Send hand-written thank-you notes.

9. Don’t pay people to do things you can do for yourself.

10. Get a can of WD40, it’s not that serious.

10 Things (I Think) I’ve Learned

1. You can read tabloids and The Economist.

2. You should read Vanity Fair.

3. Laugh often with others.

4. Laugh more often at yourself.

5. It’s okay to laugh at dirty jokes.

6. It’s okay to swear — on occasion.

7. Marrying for money should make you sick.

8. Stop dating when you find love, but never stop dating yourself.  

9. Expect the unexpected. 

10. Zig when people expect you to zag.

10 Things (I Think) I’ve Learned

1. Smile at strangers even if they think you’re strange.

2. Stop smiling & nodding when you don’t understand cocktail party conversation.

3. Being smart is sexy, asking smart questions is sexier.

4. Stop waiting for your turn to talk when you should be listening.

5. Take classes that have nothing to do with your job.

6. If you haven’t already, forget your GPA.

7. Buy your produce from farmers markets.

8. Be able to pronounce everything you eat.

9. It’s never too cold to pack flip flops.

10. It’s never to warm to drink coffee.