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Buy that latte! on Flickr.

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10 Things (I Think) I’ve Learned

1. Buy books you know you will not read.

2. Buy more fruit than you think you need.

3. Don’t buy anything but books and fruit when you’re emotional.

4. Take criticism better than you think you do.

5. Take a weird class.

6. Go on a random adventure.

7. Save time for error.

8. Save room for fairy tales.

9. Let people surprise you.

10. Let that person in.

Super #fail
3 things that set the Super Committee up for a Super #Fail:

1. Unpopular out of the gate: Congress has a 9% approval rating, the Super Committee is a mini-me of unpopularity.
2. No risk around election:  The closer we get to elections, the slimmer the chance something risky in DC gets done.
3. History stacked against the 12 members: 4 voted against Simpson-Bowles; 0 voted for it; 2 voted against raising the debt ceiling.
3 things that WON’T happen as a result of the Super #Fail:

1. Markets won’t go haywire.  Wall Street is used to this song and dance out of Washington.
2. The US won’t get downgraded. Moody’s has already said they will wait until 2013.
3. Automatic spending cuts won’t kick in right away.  There is a 13-month cushion…shockingly post-election.

No super doom, no super powers — sadly just super in name alone. 
10 Things (I Think) I’ve Learned

1. Let people pass you on the highway.

2. Don’t let people take your taxis.

3. Carry cash just in case.

4. Carry your passport just because.

5. Giving piggybacks to kids is cool.

6. Getting them from your guy is hot.

7. Call as much as you e-mail.

8. Put your your phone down and look out the window.

9. Drama should be left to actors.

10. Jade should only be used as a noun, not a verb.

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